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Scale faster

Execute your new communication strategy by adding bandwidth to your team. We can help you move faster and farther.

Working with Vital Tales was an absolute pleasure. Liz brought a fresh perspective to the project.
She listened to our ideas, asked questions, and made sure she understood our goals.

Leslie Daigle, Alight Solutions


With your focus group and survey
data, we can pinpoint the words and
phrases that are top of mind for
your customers.

Jargon Free

We'll partner with you
to balance technical content
and human language.

On Brand

We'll extend the tone and visuals
of your brand guidelines,
so they are meaningfully applied.


Media strategy—early

If your new solution is piloting with a handful of clients, you likely need a simple plan, a tight script for your business development team and a strategic partner to collaborate with as you grow and learn more.


Media strategy—mature

If you are acquiring a company or onboarding a client every few months, you likely need fresh perspective to align your existing media with survey and focus group intelligence so your enterprise marketing toolkit is flexible, intuitive and ready-to-deploy.


We are driven by patients

At our core, we are patient advocates. Our clients care about improving the patient experience—through innovative workplace benefits, clinical and psychological research, and more—and we help them extend their reach.



“Coming home from the hospital, it was hard not to feel like a pariah.”


“English, which can express the thoughts of Hamlet and the tragedy of Lear, has no words for the shiver and the headache.”


“We took her to doctors who treated us like delinquent parents for letting her live alone, though it wasn't up to us and we were trying to change the situation.”



Let’s set up time to talk now,

so when the budget is set, you're ready to begin.