Why Vital Tales?

Your program or product makes the ending to the patient story better, right? Great. Now let’s make more individuals sit up and take note.

Since 2000, I’ve brought a thoughtful, pragmatic and creative perspective to benefit managers, digital health products, research institutes, including Altarum Institute, and EBRI. From strategy to implementation, count on senior-level experience to dig in, debate purposefully, and deliver.

Inspire Action

Do you need a senior strategist with management experience on an expedited deadline? Do you need an unbiased, fresh perspective on your enterprise strategy? Do you need a self-propelled communicator who can work collaboratively with internal and external team members?


Whether in a focus group or a one-on-one interview, Vital Tales can help you clarify the who, what and whys of your people. Let me synthesize your data streams—claims, survey, behaviors—and suggest themes.


Let me audit or edit your messaging, sketch your audience personas. With your goals in mind, let me architect your campaigns—from media mix, messaging, channel and audience.


Fresh eyes are better than a new pair of glasses. Is that a mixed metaphor? Maybe. Let me help you with you’re Words. The ones that are misspelled and out of focus right now.

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