Everyone has a vital tale.

Now, retell their story with your program in the mix. How?


If you’re looking for someone immersed in the patient ecosystem who knows how actuaries, brokers, product managers, clinicians, academics, patients and employees all fit together, I’d love to help you do your homework.


Let me audit or edit your messaging, sketch your audience personas. With your goals in mind, let me architect your campaigns—from media mix, messaging, channel and audience. If you’re looking for someone experienced with enterprise campaigns, who’s worked alongside HR buyers, let’s talk. I promise a pragmatic approach, though I’m liable to suggest a surprise or two: a food truck, an infographic or a two-story tall poster. Just to be sure you’re reading.


Fresh eyes are better than a new pair of glasses. Is that a mixed metaphor? Maybe. Let me help you wiht you’re Words. The ones that are mispeelled and out of fokus right now. Let me match the tone your style guide closely. Or suggest new ways to organize your content. Technical or motivational, no matter. I’d love to help.

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